Seed Bread snack 70g

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Raw food: dried on low temperature (up to +43 C)

No E- substances, suitable for vegans

Ingredients: sunflower seeds*, pumpkin seeds*, carrot*, linseeds*, sesame seeds*, dates*, capsicums*, tomato*, green sellery*, zucchini*, onions*, cumin*, garlic*, lemon*, capsicums powder*, salt, black pepper*, water (may contain allergens: mustard residues)

* organic

Store at room temperature. Keep dry

Nutrition information per 100 g: Energy content 459 kcal / 1810 kJ, fats 29.2 g, saturated fatty acids 3.56g, carbohydrates 32,1 g, including sugars 14,36 g, fiber 12 g, proteins 17 g, salt 0.01 g

Manufacturer: OÜ Tervislik


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