Recommendations to keep fruit fresh.

Storing fruit and vegetable in cool place slows down the maturing process and enables you to keep fruit fresh longer. Keeping them in warm speeds up the maturing. More information you can find here.


Greener varieties of mangos are usually sweeter in taste, although visually we tend to prefer vareities with more red coloration. Fruit that is soft to touch is ripe and ready to eat.

Be aware that alcohol and mangos don’t work well together. It’s recomended to wait at least 2 hours before consuming any alcohol – you may get tommy ache.

Mangos are rich in vitamines C and A.


Avocados have high nutrition values, it contains up to 27% avocado oil. It lowers cholesterole and high consentartion of vitamines E and C, kaliums, fibers etc.

There are two types of avocados: greenskin and darkskin avocados.

Most common darkskin variety is Hass. Many prefer daskskin avocados because they have smoother taste and it’s easy to know when it’s ready to eat – their skind turns from green to dark brown.